Probiotics Never Looked So Good – The Hottest Probiotic Supplement Trends For 2016.

The Beauty Chef There are 10 times more microbes in our bodies than human cells so it totally makes sense to keep these guys happy? Looking after our gut bacteria I believe is one of the most underrated yet vitally important foundations of our health. If our bacteria is not happy you can bet that we are not going to be happy either.

Untitled design.jpgI am a huge fan of food based probiotics – I’m talking boosting your diet with easily assimilated, bacteria rich foods such as fermented vegetables, cultured foods, yoghurt, lacto-fermented condiments, kefir and kombucha. These wonderful, traditional foods are delicious, versatile, nutrient dense, inexpensive to make and convenient to have on hand. These foods do their work the whole way through our digestive systems, populating immune boosting bacteria from top to ahem bottom, unlike a lot of popular probiotic supplements that have all the good stuff killed off by our stomach acid (goodbye dollars).

For most of us getting the optimum amount of good bacteria into our systems can use a little boost and lucky for us we are seeing really exciting trends with probiotic supplements! Here’s what I’m predicting for 2016…

probiotic-singular-square_10ecbcb1-60b1-4c96-93ab-d07dfe00d9b6.pngProbiotics are getting teamed with prebiotics

Whatta whatta? Ok PRObiotics are the active, friendly bacteria that support our health. PREbiotics are the indigestible fiber that nourish this bacteria – in other words PREbiotics are like fuel or food for the PRObiotics, helping them to flourish and thrive.

Prebiotics are found naturally in foods like garlic, artichokes, onions, honey and leeks but now we’re seeing these two guys teamed together in supplements which makes total sense! This gives those probiotics the best possible chance at populating our digestive sytems.

They’re getting tasty

Some supplements are branching out into yummy tasting powders of berry or vanilla, they’re just made for delicious drinks and smoothies. We’re also seeing ingredient lists on these supplements, with amazing foods like buckwheat, quinoa, millet, turmeric and molasses!

Interestingly we’re also seeing a rise in people crafting with probiotics in their kitchen and adding them to foods like cultured butter, icy poles and jelly treats. Getting probiotics into the kids has never been easier.

glowThey’re getting sexy

Check out the packaging from The Beauty Chef and Ora Organics – they’re fresh, sexy and have no problem taking a pride of place in your fridge! They’re cute and sassy too reflecting a younger market getting on board with gut health with quips like “Trust Your Gut”. It’s a long way from the stuffy old supplement packaging. With such a luxe look it really is a treat to take your probiotics every day.

They’re getting organic

This is SUCH a fantastic thing to see a rise in!! Especially for fermented food based supplements. Just think if it is concentrated enough to give you a supplement hit, what else is being concentrated? Pesticides? It’s just a no. Certified Organic is a MUST. Watch the labelling and the greenwashing – “natural” is not good enough and neither are the companies own marketing terms like “Therapeutic Grade”. It must be Certified.

Probiotic-Skin-Refiner.pngThey’re for our outsides also

Now this is so interesting and on the cutting edge of skincare technology. We know about needing a balance of beneficial bacteria to keep our insides healthy, did you know our skin (our largest organ) is also covered in bacteria? This bacteria is responsible for maintaining the acid mantle of the skin (pH balance), keeping skin supple and healthy rather than overly dry or oily.

I’m predicting an explosion in the number of skin care lines armed with probiotics for 2016, check out what The Beauty Chef is already doing for our outsides here.

2016 is a very exciting year for probiotic supplement development! Personally I’m wishing 2016 to be your best year yet, filled with health, love and happiness.

Glow for life,

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