Why You Should Stuff Your Shoulds.

Have you ever heard of a ‘should-less’ day? Scheduling one could actually improve your wellbeing and enjoyment of life!

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When we say the word should there is the self insinuation that we are going to do something, even though we don’t reallllllly want to, but we’ll do it anyway just because we have to. How fun is that? Yep not much!

So think about that feeling for a minute – that should feeling. Is it heavy for you?angry hands.jpg

Now ask yourself “What would I like to do?”. Does that feel lighter? Happier, even cheeky maybe?

Flipping our ‘shoulds’ on their heads can channel our actions into really positive and productive actions. So how about instead of asking yourself

Should I?

Ask yourself

Would I like to?

It’s kind of like waking up in the morning and groaning thinking “I have so much I HAVE to do today”. It’s not a great way to start the day. If you are a believer in the Law of Attraction it’s also not a great way to attract ease and abundance into your life. Try this in the morning instead “What do I get to do today!?” or “What adventures do I get to have today?” Our internal dialogue has such a huge effect on our lives.

I know what you are thinking! Really I do! Yes the laundry still needs to be done and yep it’s boring as sh*t. Well surprisingly a lot of the shoulds we choose are actually a lot of the likes we would choose also – because living in a tip isn’t much fun either!

And psychologists agree*. There are the two types of “shoulds”. There’s the kind where we say, “I don’t really want to do this, but I will because I believe in it’s value” That’s generally associated with very positive outcomes. Then there’s the kind of shoulds which we do because we will feel guilty or ashamed if we don’t. This is usually associated with very negative outcomes. *Dr Paul Atkins ACU

For me it could be motivating myself to exercise. If I say to myself I should it feels like such a drag. But if I ask myself “Would I like to” I start thinking of how good I feel afterwards, the boost in energy I get and how great it is to have a bit of time to myself to blow off some steam. The answer is easy then – YES!!

It’s about how we look at things.

So try this thought throughout your day, or book in a ‘should-less’ day sometime. You might just be surprised at what you actually choose to do.

Love & glow for life,

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