Glow Home Air Freshener (Toxin Free)

It’s such a pleasure to have a delicious scent going through your home. I used to be a home fragrance junkie – soy candles, room sprays and synthetic ‘oils’ used to make me happy, if not a little poorer! Little did I know that they were also making my home a very toxic place to be. room freshener fruit (1193x1280)

As Therese Kerr says;

If you do just one thing, remove ‘fragrance’ completely from your life and home.

Fragrance is what is known as a ‘cluster’ ingredient. This means this one listed ingredient can actually contain up to 4000 chemicals. This is not a typo – FOUR THOUSAND! It gets more alarming though – of these chemicals the vast majority have never been tested for safety (according to the World Health Organisation). Of the small amount that have been actually tested, they have only been tested in singularity and not in combination with the other chemicals they are paired with. Studies on the effects of these chemicals are concerning to say the least and worthy of a much longer post. In the meantime I encourage you to read a bit more info here or check out the extensive info researched by Bill Statham over the last ten years on The Chemical Maze.

So here is the most gorgeous, natural and inexpensive way to fragrance your home!

I will show you here one recipe but encourage you to experiment with this and try out other ingredients also. Try vanilla, rosemary, cinnamon quills, lavender flowers, ginger or whatever tickles your fancy! The one I make has a country citrus vibe to it ♥

fruit fresh pan (1097x1280)


Slices or peel of orange, lime and/ or lemon
4 star anise
8 whole cloves
Ball Mason or equivelent pint jar
800 mL water
1 tealight candle (optional)


Place the citrus, star anise, cloves and water into saucepan. I used three big slices of orange and the ends off the limes and lemons (TIP – keep your citrus ends and peels in a container in the freezer until you are ready to use them – no waste!)ball fresh (827x1280)

Bring the pan to a simmer over medium heat, then reduce to the lowest, lowest possible heat – not even a simmer!

Leave to cook for as long as you like, you may need to top up the water if cooking for a long time. I leave mine for about 40 minutes – the smell is amazing!!

Allow to cool till at least luke warm or cooler and pour everything in to your mason jar. Pop a tealight candle on top if you like and place on your table or anywhere in the house that needs a freshen up.

This will last for 2 days, being natural ingredients it will start to break down after time.

**Now a couple of notes here! Of course please do not leave the pan or the tealight unattended, even pop a timer on to remind you it is on the stove. And also some people even drink this as a tea after! That’s how natural it is. It would be very strong so please dilute to taste if that floats your boat.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, luxurious home. Glow for life!

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