Easter Jaffa Gummies

Ah Easter. A time of hardcore chocolate binging. Don’t get me wrong I like a bit of balance, but my kids eating chocolate for breakfast just doesn’t work in this house (hashtag meltdown city). I’m not a total meanie though, there are some beautiful quality chocolates out there (Loving Earth I’m looking at you). Also I created these gorgeous Jaffa Gummies that are going to help heal and nourish the gut, rather than damage. The kids will be bouncing off the walls with these, but for good reasons instead ♥ Continue reading

Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

My 13 year old daughter just said to me, “Mum, these are SO good.”

I’ll take that! These are such a great first step for a really fussy eater and they’re one of the first steps I took to covert my ultra picky eating eldest son to a whole food diet (we’re talking 5-foods-only-level of picky eating). Get rid of the crappy, expensive frozen nugs for these instead – once you’ve nailed these and the kids are loving them then you can move on to the next introduction. I guess these nuggets are like a gateway whole food! Continue reading