Raw Chocolate Raspberry Cake

You know what’s so good about raw cakes? They’re just so damn easy to make! You’re pretty much blending and layering and then you have a delicious little dessert. I love raw desserts for this but also because I don’t feel heavy when I have them. This cake pairs the classic match made in heaven – chocolate and raspberries.black cakeThis cake is definitely on the treat side, although it’s refined sugar free it still has the sweetness from natural medjool dates. It also has a nourishing secret ingredient, I wonder if your kids would ever guess what it is?

This cake is gluten free, grain free, dairy free, egg free, refined sugar free and suitable for GAPS & Paleo protocols. This makes a huge cake so please feel free to halve this recipe if you are not feeding an army like me.

You will make this cake in two stages – the base and then the filling, so let’s get started!


1 1/2 cups almonds
10 medjool dates pitted (3/4 cup)
1/2 cup desiccated coconut*
1 heaped tblsp cacao powder*
4 heaped tblsp coconut oil*
2 tsp vanilla extract


3 avocados
20 medjool dates pitted (1 1/2 cups)
1/2 cup coconut oil*
2 heaped tblsp cacao powder*
2 cups frozen raspberries
1 tblsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup coconut cream
1/2 cup raspberries additional
*I use and love the Nutra Organics range of coconut and cacao products – they’re pure products with no additives, chemical refining, bleaching or nasties.


Place all the BASE ingredients into a food processor, blender or thermomix and blend until broken down and starts to stick together. I used a thermomix and blended on speed 5 for 25 seconds.

Press the BASE mixture into a large springform tin. Push down well, especially at the edges. Pop into to the freezer while you make the filling.raw baseNow onto the FILLING.

Wash your food processor, blender or thermomix well.

Scoop out the avocado flesh and discard the skins and pips.

Place all of your filling ingredients except for the additional 1/2 cup raspberries into your blender and blend until smooth. Be patient with this it could take a while. I blended in the thermomix on speed 7 for a couple of minutes. I had to stop every now and then to scrape down the sides and blend again.

Is it nice and smooth? If it is add your additional 1/2 cup raspberries and fold through. These give a nice surprise and bit of tartness to the slices of cake!topping blendCan I get a yummmmmmmm.

Take your springform tin out of the freezer and smooth the filling topping all over the base. Try not to eat too much while you’re doing this (note to self).

Place back into the freezer and leave to set for two hours. Now you can serve!

You can also cut into slices and store in the freezer, just remove 1/2 hour before serving at room temperature to let soften a little.crop edit 2

Enjoy spunkies! Lots of love & glow for life,

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