Chicken & Veg Pie

One of my first jobs as a teen was working in a bakery in town. I couldn’t handle the meat pies but was quite partial to a chicken and veg pie – with loads of sauce of course! It must be an Aussie thing. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me) I have since found out what my body can tolerate and one of the definite no’s for me is gluten. Also I wanted a whole food, fresh, tasty option without the weirdo shortenings and additives AND I want to sneak in as much veg as humanly possible. Too much to ask for? I didn’t think so, so I created this family favourite beauty for you. Continue reading

5 Skin Savers For Persistant Occasional Acne

It’s one of life’s most annoying things. We grow out of teenage pimples and then some of us get occasional, but persistent, adult spots. Who wants wrinkles AND pimples!? So unfair. From someone who has lived though sensitive, reactive skin here’s some tips you might not have thought of to help clear up and get rid of the zits for good! Continue reading

Fudgey Chocolate Brownies

Anytime my kids ask me for brownies I’m right on to Google and always find a ton of white flour + white sugar recipes. I wanted to create an alternative that was a cinch to make and required no fussy prep. This recipe can be made easily with simple, whole food ingredients that you have on hand so here it is – 6 ingredients and no fuss!

The added bonus is the powerful antioxidant kick of the cacao. Cacao is ‘choc’ full of flavonoids which act as natural antioxidants. Cacao is richer in antioxidants than red wine, gogi berries and green tea and is also rich in magnesium. Continue reading