5 Skin Savers For Persistant Occasional Acne

It’s one of life’s most annoying things. We grow out of teenage pimples and then some of us get occasional, but persistent, adult spots. Who wants wrinkles AND pimples!? So unfair. From someone who has lived though sensitive, reactive skin here’s some tips you might not have thought of to help clear up and get rid of the zits for good!4

  1. Change Your Pillow Case & Towels

    Brace yourself, here’s some grossness. Studies have shown that the bacteria on an average pillowcase is comparable to that on a toilet seat. Say what!! Now before you go running for the sanitizer please understand that I am not anti bacteria – and I am definitely NOT a fan of antibacterial products. Our bodies are actually naturally made up of 10 times more bacteria than cells, isn’t that crazy! So doesn’t it make sense to nurture the good guys and try balance out the bad? Anti-bacterial products wipe out the good and the bad and are often extremely toxic. Instead we can use some common sense and wash our pillow cases at least weekly (we spend half our lives on our pillow cases – if we’re lucky!) Always use a conscious laundry powder without synthetic fragrance (I love the Eco Store range) and if possible dry in the sun (the sun acts as a natural sanitizer for baddies – our Grannies were on to it here!) Similar for towels – wash them regularly to prevent dodgy bacteria build up.

2. How’s Your Gut?

Again with the bacteria. Our skin is our bodies largest organ. Often skin problems are a sign of turmoil inside our bodies and often if our gut isn’t healthy than neither is our skin. Try helping the balance of good, immune boosting bacteria in your body by adding a range of probiotic rich foods (food based nutrition is usually far superior to supplements, although there can be a role for supplementation as well). These foods could include fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut, kimchi or pickles, drinks like kombucha and kefir, yoghurt, miso or apple cider vinegar. Quality is key – if you’re not making your own look for unpasturised, raw products.

If you’re looking at a little supplementation boost then check out Glow Inner Beauty Powder by The Beauty Chef for your best skin yet, an amazing fermented wholefood and probiotic powder. (It’s yummy too!)


3. What’s In Your Skin Care?

Personally for me my biggest skin trigger is skin care, make up and even hair care! And again my BIGGEST thing which I will kick straight off with is wash your make up brushes!! Please wash your brushes, it doesn’t take long I just do mine once a week in the shower with some shampoo. So much bacteria builds up on these guys so it’s really important for glowy skin. Now for the actual products look for certified organic if you can (I love Inika, 100% Pure and Ere Perez – amazzzzzzzzzing products! And they don’t cost the Earth, pun intended) Otherwise download the app Chemical Maze which will guide on what to, and what not to, buy (never be tricked by misleading labelling and greenwashing again). Remember hair care can be just as dodgy and what’s in your hair can brush onto your face and cause break outs.



4. Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Ok you have probably heard this one before, but seriously if we’re not drinking a decent amount of water we are not assisting our bodies to flush through it’s accumulative build up. I’m a believer in that more is not necessarily better though (controversial). Too much water dilutes our digestive acids and bacteria which helps us to break down and absorb the nutrients in our food, there is definitely such a thing as too much water! Drink a reasonable amount – I know my skin and energy is a lot happier when I drink a good amount of water.


5. Do You Have A Food Trigger?

Ok this is a little bit of trickier one, and in some cases may require the help of a qualified professional such as a reputable naturopath, nutritionist or herbalist. But to start with you can definitely keep a food diary. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just write down anywhere what you’ve been consuming, and see if there’s a connection to your break outs. I love dairy but I know for me I can’t have too much before I start seeing it on my skin. Everybody is different and you really will be amazed at what you will pick up when it’s written down ( trust me it’s a lot different to what you think in your head!).

So there you have it babes, you’re all gorgeous and deserve to have skin that is just as beautiful as you are on the inside. Wishing you health, happiness and of course glowing skin!

Lots of love,

sig dark grey


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