Healthy Cookware – Where to Start?

I have had the same cookware for 15 years! That’s crazy. I know this because they were a gift to me when my first child was born. I’m definitely the kind of make do with what you have type, but that’s really pushing the friendship. Check it out..broken-pots

Yep this is the cookware I use to create the recipes for the blog. Truly. How ridic!! The handles have broken off long ago and everything.

So I started thinking about new cookware, and a lot has changed for us since 15 years ago. I ask a lot more questions now and there was no doubt I needed a non toxic brand. Have you ever thought about the safety of your cookware? If you scratch the surface it is some scary stuff. One leading brand of cookware was found to contain Peflourooanoic Acid, which does;

“not break down in the environment anytime soon, causing forever pollution.  According to Tim Kropp, a toxicologist with the Environmental Working Group, if all future exposure is cut off, it would take the body at least 20 years to detoxify Teflon chemicals.  Finally, the EPA has recommended that PFOA be classified as a human carcinogen.”


My vibe usually isn’t to be alarmist, but to offer a real solution. As Therese Kerr says, we can know, know, know, but if we aren’t willing to make some action it doesn’t mean a thing.

Fortunately there are some groundbreaking eco friendly technologies out there now, that create toxin free cookware from natural materials that is free from heavy metals and chemicals. And it is sexy to boot!! Check  out this pan from Neoflam – that base though.base-panAfter looking around and getting a bit confused on what to go for, I was really stoked to try out this healthy cookware range. I love that we have moved on from healthy and eco friendly equaling a really dated look. It’s what the healthy 2000s have been all about and we are seeing it across the board with everything from luxurious makeup to safe cleaning products to sexy cookware.pan 1.JPGAnd fortunately the style really matches the substance. The eco friendly ceramic non stick coating is made from natural materials, sand and stone. It is 100% free of heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Plus did I mention it looks gorgeous!?pan-vegiesIt is a dream to use. So if you are looking at updating your cookware, or you are concerned about the safety of what you have now and have no idea where to start, I’d really recommend checking out the range.

Because it’s about being aware, not alarmed ♥

Lots of love,

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