Diary Of A Parasite Cleanse

Some late night googling (and consequent freaking out) lead me to investigate ‘parasite cleansing’. It’s a hot topic of late and apparantly parasites are way more common then we would like to believe. But how do you perform a parasite cleanse? Where do you start and is it even worth it? Well I tried it out for you. Read on to find out what happened to me, I think you may be surprised!NTS21

Firstly I do NOT recommend googling this in the dead of night. It’s horrifying. You are much better to stay with this nice article here with it’s lack of weird pictures and terrifying stories.

Fortunately I did all the middle-of-the-night, life-scarring work for you and lured by excellent reviews and a great price point I settled on Parastroy by Natures Secret. It was only around $28 when I ordered it, excellent value. You can find some independent reviews here.

This natural supplement consists of two different products, one a herbal and botanical to create an unfriendly environment for parasites – ‘Para-Rid’, and the other a blend of soluble and insoluble fibres to help sweep the digestive track to cleanse it of debris – ‘Para-Sweep’. You can find the full ingredients and information panel here. The directions were very easy, simply take 2 capsules of each product in the morning and in the evening and there is a 30 day supply. I’d just like to note here that this is a multi parasite purpose which is GREAT, it doesn’t just target one specific type of parasite like the pharmacueticals tend to.54345_2

I ordered mine and within a couple of weeks it had arrived at my door. It was time to start my Parasite Cleanse.


DAY 1 – I am really nervous, I have a very sensitive tummy to supplements and even some herbal teas so I wait for a time where I have a few days of between work just in case I have a reaction. I decide to start off slow with half the recommended dosage to test the waters. Please note sometimes reactions are sometimes a product simply not agreeing with you, and sometimes they are because they are creating a detox or die off effect on your body, it’s hard to know how the dice is going to roll so I always recommend starting off slow and building up if you’re ok. I take one capsule of each in the evening with plenty of water, go to bed and hope for the best.

DAY 2- I wake up in the morning and I don’t feel yukky or groggy so so far so good! I do feel a bit gassy (sorry) and take another one capsule of each (half dose) for the morning. About 40 minutes later I am running to the bathroom and think oh no!! I need to go several times and it’s a bit uncomfortable. I feel if that continues I definitely won’t be able to stick to the program. Luckily this passes quickly, I decide to stick to the program and fortunately don’t experience that again for the entirety of the cleanse, it must have just been my body getting rid of some toxins early on. That’s ok!

DAY 3 – I’m braving the full dose now and have literally had no stomach cramps or general feelings of unwell. I’m stoked. It’s so easy to take. I’m not seeing any big changes yet but it’s early days. I am drinking a decent amount of water, at least 2 Lts a day which is what I try to do anyways and would definitely recommend doing that while on the cleanse, very important!


I’m still on the cleanse, it’s really no hassle taking the capsules and I haven’t changed anything else in my lifestyle. I have noticed that my skin feels a little dry, I don’t know if it’s coincidence or related to the cleanse but I make sure I’m still drinking a decent amount of water. Now hang on… by the end of week two I am feeling AMAZING. I mean AMAZING. I have so much energy it’s ridiculous. It’s a time where I usually start to get a little tired as I have an incredibly intense schedule that week but I am full of beans and still loads of energy in the evening. I’m amazed.


Ok now I’m a convert for sure. I have no dip in energy leading up to my cycle and no hormonal symptoms AT ALL. I have super sensitive skin and it has cleared completely, no hormonal chin break outs! I can’t believe it and want to shout it from the roof tops, but we don’t shout out things about parasite cleansing do we.


Now I’m really amazed. Foods I have previously had an intolerance to (random specific things like cacao, too much dairy, buckwheat) I HAVE NO REACTION TO. What the actual. Cacao would usually send me off into a big headache and lethargy for 24 hours but I down a big glass of rich, spiced cacao at a friends event with NO REACTION. I’m blown away. What if all those things I thought I reacted to, the parasites were reacting to? They are a very powerful source, can be so difficult to detect and can wreak havoc driving cravings, moods, absorbing your nutrients and shedding their toxins. YUK. I am stoked I can relax on some of the things I used to try and avoid and would do the cleanse for this reason alone. (Note – I had already done two years of the gut healing protocol GAPS which helped incredibly but still had some lingering intolerances. I had my gut as healthy as I could get it with that.)

So would I recommend doing the Parastroy Parasite Cleanse? Hell to the yeah. It’s cheap, easy and I got great benefits from it. I plan to do it twice a year. And just for curiosity I did not see anything untoward being removed, just felt the great benefits.

For maintenance I am going to take this HEAL YOUR GUT  powder, another great cheapy!! This is only around $18 a pack which will last a long time and you can find it here.variant_66713I will only take this around three times a week which is much less than the recommended dose but all I feel I need. The Heal Your Gut Powder is naturopathic, pure Diatomaceous Earth created by beauty Lee Holmes of Supercharged Food and featured on the show Shark Tank. The D.E is made up of tiny honeycomb-like particles, as it move through the stomach and digestive tract, their positive charge attracts and absorbs negative charged pathogens, bacteria, fungi, viruses and heavy metals, which are then trapped within the hollow cylinder structure and passed out of the body. The jagged shape of the particles also cuts through larger parasites and bacteria, cleansing the digestive system of harmful build up and leaving only the beneficial bacteria behind.

I dig it and it is super easy to take and tasteless to add to smoothies. article_235723_1I hope you have found that helpful and it has saved you some of the late night google terror. I really recommend trialling a cleanse out for yourself and would love to hear if you have a positive experience too.

Till next time,

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