Diary Of A Shakti Mat

Have you heard of a Shakti Mat? I had wanted one for years but had so many questions and for some reason thought it would be a lot more expensive than what it is. I was so excited when mine came and I thought I would test run it for everyone curious out there, and hopefully answer some of the queries you may have had about it. I trialled it out for a month and this is what happened…This is me right after the postie arrived – happy much!?

The Arrival

I am soo excited! I am tense to the max and carry stress right to my back (I have three kids) I am imaging floating on a cloud like bed while all my worries drift away..

I pull out the contents and it is in the cutest tote bag! It makes me happy straight away and all of the fabrics, dyes & spikes are eco friendly, non toxic and made from really cool community based, ethical charity workshops that support women having difficulty finding employment to support their households.

Then I pull out the actual mat.. wow it is so much spikier than what I expected! These spikes actually mean business (I got the regular pressure mat) I’m a little nervous now.

Day 1

I try and distance the kids away from the mat like a circus ringmaster taming lions. They all want a turn of course, and have a million questions about it. The three-way chattering is getting my back nice and tense and ready for the mat. I have a towel to cover my front and just a crop top on because I am strong dammit! I can do this. Surely.

I lower myself on to the mat, there’s a lot of oohing and ahhing, and a few swear words held back (kids are still dancing over me). I use my strong mind to ride through the initial pain and after that fails I get up off the mat. I’ve lasted about 30 seconds. The kids swarm on, have their pain challenges and I wonder if I’ve made a mistake.

Day 2

I’ve had some time to think, and read up, and apparently if you are quite tense it’s best to start off on a Shakti with a light top on. Ahh ok, well that sounds like good place to start. I lower down carefully with a thin shirt on and yep that’s so much better!

I am relieved and so ready to feel that bliss point everyone talks about on the Shakti. It doesn’t happen this session but I am able to lay for 10 minutes and just laying still for that long is really soothing to my busy brain. It’s a win.

Week 1

I lay on the Shakti Mat for about 10 minutes every day with my light shirt on. Just taking the time out helps to recharge me and I grow to look forward to mat time. The kids even get it that when mum’s on the mat she’s not getting up till she’s done (this is done with zero nagging I swear!!). Surprisingly also the kids love it, especially my eldest who has autism.

After the week though I am growing restless. I am a bit competitive with myself and soothing is nice but I know I’m ready for the next level.

Week 2

Right. It’s time for shirt off again. I feel so confident now I’m ready. I ease myself down once more and get ready for mind over matter, but no! It’s still too strong. My competitive brain is not happy I haven’t been able to ride through it. I’ve only lasted a minute.

A few days later I ditch the shirt again and decide to try the mat on top of my bed. I’m a bit tired anyways so there won’t be far to move if I get sleepy. Once again I lower down with my bare back and THIS IS IT! The bed gives a little and it isn’t as rigid as the floor. I am in the perfect level and after a few minutes of mild challenge I experience what is known as THE BLISS POINT. This is an absolute revelation and I want to scream from the roof tops that everyone needs to experience this! I. Am. HIGH.

Week 3

I am such a fan now and look forward to my mat sessions. My upper back feels less tense and I really feel the circulation going. Most of all I am actually addicted to the bliss feeling that comes over like a wave after a couple of minutes. It’s true, I actually could fall asleep on this mat. If you had have told me I would on day 1 I would have laughed at you!

Week 4

Shakti now lives next to my bed ready for action and I’m now doing about half of my sessions on the bed and half on the floor! And I’ve even gotten a bit more adventurous and tried it several times under my neck (you place a pillow underneath it so it curves into your neck.) and stood on it with bare feet and again I feel the circulation improve and it just really helps lift the energy of my bod.

Over the last two weeks I haven’t Shakti’d every single day but that is so fine to me! There’s a lot of things I don’t do every single day (like exercise or meditate) but I know these tools are available to me when I need them. There’s a kindness in this thinking.

Overall I have loved this experience and I am so glad I worked my way up. It’s one of my health tools now and I’m definitely a convert, that bliss point is something else. One quick peek at my back before we go on to some questions.

You can see the redness going on to my tense parts, getting the blood going is so good and really detoxifying.

So a few questions!

Q. What is a Shakti Mat?

A. A Shakti Mat is a cushioned mat loaded with spiked discs to recreate the principles of acupressure. There are different levels of sensitivity and you are able to use them in a variety of ways for relief from stress, tension, muscular aches and ailments.

Q. Is it expensive?

For some reason this held me back from getting one earlier, I thought it would be in the hundreds of dollars. Mine was $69AUD at the time I got it which I think is so reasonable for a tool you get to use and keep forever.

Q. Can I use it if I’m pregnant?

Unfortunately it is not recommended for use during pregnancy. Acupressure can be a powerful modality and some points on the body can help induce labour. Maybe try it at 39 weeks haha, but it’s not recommended before.

Q. Where can I get it?

You can find Shakti online at shaktimats.com.au, there are lots more facts and info on each product on there. You can also read loads of reviews on the site or over on their Facebook page.

I hope you found this article helpful! If you have a certain question please leave it in the comments below, I can add an edit with the answer and include it in this post.

Till next time, stay healthy and kind Glowers,

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5 thoughts on “Diary Of A Shakti Mat

  1. I just bought one tonight to help with lower back pain. Hoping my experience will be as good as yours. Great tips in your review, thanks!


    1. Thank you so much Louise! Hope it brings you some relief, back pain is no fun! Appreciate the love thank you! Xx


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