Glows Top Beauty Picks 2018

It has been two years since I put together a list of my favourite toxin free beauty items and so much has changed! Companies have reformulated, repackaged and loads of new items have come out. It’s such an exciting time out there in the world of natural beauty. To me this is just an extension of TRUE beauty. When we are nourishing our skin with natural items we are supporting our health in just another way (a way we can often forget about in a healthy lifestyle, health is so much more than just food!) It’s self love, it’s truly nurturing and nourishing and man do these products work! So welcome to my Top Picks for 2018.

We hear often that our skin is our largest organ but what we may not know is that the Cosmetics Industry is a self regulated industry – as in, the companies that sell the products decide what regulations (or lack thereof) to abide by. I always assumed that if a product was on a shelf, someone, somewhere, had tested it for safety. This is simply not the case and I am not trying to get all scary and negative here, just we have a choice (lots of choice!) and for me – if I care about my health and like to eat good food, drink good water and move my body, then why wouldn’t I want to apply that to what I put on my body as well?

There can be a lot of what is known as “greenwashing” on the market – where companies display words like natural or organic, or package in cute eco looking bottles, yet are full of damaging chemicals. This really frustrates me as I see so many people making a ‘good choice’ and being deceived. The amount of times this happened to me drove me crazy! For an amazing site with NO fake natural, and thoroughly-screened-to-the-highest-standards toxin free products I adore Nourished Life, they are really at the forefront of what they do, and they also have awesome member benefits which is free to join.

So let’s get to the fun stuff – the products! Here are my top picks for 2018.


Divine Woman – On the back of the successful Australian Certified Organic range of The Divine Company products Divine Woman was launched, a skin care range to support brighter, glowing skin for all women. If you need proof look at Therese Kerrs’ skin, she absolutely radiates! The packaging of these products is stunning – very luxe and high end looking. The products are rich in high potency ingredients and really luxurious to use every day. Juniper Skincare – This was a new discovery for me in 2018. They have a great range to address every skin need (teens, rosacea, sensitive, mature) and I really loved their Calming range and Sensitive range for my fussy skin, it was really soothing. BUT my number one pick which has only just come out is the Vitamin C + Night Serum – omg this is amazing! I have very pigmented skin and prone to dryness and this has been incredible in a really short period of time (like less than a week). This product is hot off the press so you heard it here first!

The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner – This is such an interesting product from a company I admire so much. It is a bio-fermented wholefood extract that you use like a toner. The Beauty Chef has a focus on gut health so this is an extension of their belief that beauty begins in the belly and it is rich in probiotics and lactic acid. This is great for pigmented skin and for dull, rough textures or acne prone skin.

All of these companies are Australian made – how cool is that!!


Inika Certified Organic Mineral Foundation – I use either the powder and the liquid depending on my mood. It really does feel like skincare disguised as makeup and it’s got an SPF of 15. You can also order a trial pack for $14.95 containing two shades of mineral powder, one liquid foundation and one primer which is great to test before you buy full sized (such a great price!)

Ere Perez Almond Oil Mascara – this is so gentle and doesn’t clump (hallelujah). I’ve tried so many mascaras (natural and otherwise) and I can honestly say I love this one the best.

Benecos Natural Fresh Bronzing Duo – Ok firstly this product is only $14.95 which is ridiculous as it’s full sized and gorgeous. This is the perfect natural hue and doesn’t have all the glittery sparkles in it which so many bronzers can have, that I don’t find flattering to my 40 year old face. I received one of these in my monthly Nourished Life Natural Beauty Subscription Box and I’m so glad I tried it as it’s one of my must haves now. Check out the subscription boxes as they are only $25 a month (cancel anytime) and the contents are valued at wayyyyy more. It’s my favourite time of the month!

Enjo Makeup Remover Set – a no product product! These are amazing. They’re so effective, gentle and reusable and just use water. Natural fibres do the job of cleansing and they are great for really sensitive skin.


Earthlette Pit Paste – another Aussie wonder, and this one works! Great for hot days this vegan and 100% natural deodorant is packaged so beautifully in a generous sized glass container. The scent is subtle and not too woody or earthly, it’s light and fresh. A little goes a long way so this will last you for ages.The Divine Company Deodorant – this product is certified organic and natural. I love the smell of this one so much! I often use it as a perfume, it’s a great little refresher. I did find that this one after quite a period of time you may sweat a little (it is a deodorant not an anti perspirant) but I’m definitely dryer overall when I use it. This is the deodorant I use the most.

Remember when you change to natural deodorants it can take a little time for your body to adjust – you might sweat a little more to start with, but just give it a little time (not much!) and it will settle.


Eye Lash + Brow Revitaliser by Noosa Basics – great to thicken thinning brows and to encourage long lashes. An all natural product with a mascara type wand to apply.

Hair care – I can’t go past Ethique! An amazing company on so many levels, and their products have changed my coarse, dry hair. They are a zero waste company with bars so no more plastic bottles. These smell incredible too, can’t recommend highly enough.Sanitary – ok I know this is a bit uncomfortable but please do think about going chemical free for your cycle. I recommend either a menstrual cup or TOM Certified Organic products (I use both). It’s something we don’t think about too much so I really do urge you to consider the benefits of this.

Hand wash – The Divine Company Moisturising Hand Wash. It’s HUGE, it really does last a long time. Definitely on the luxe side but you’re worth it.

So there you have my hot new picks. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the whole low-tox thing just go one product at a time. If you’ve just run out of deodorant then get the nice chemical free one! And before you know it your bathroom cabinet will be full of these gorgeous products, one step at a time.

Lot’s of love and please tag me on your chemical free beauty products, I love seeing what you are up to and your healthy adventures!

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2 thoughts on “Glows Top Beauty Picks 2018

  1. Great list! Lots on here I have never heard of before, I love learning about good natural beauty brands. I have had such a fun time swapping over to beautiful non toxic products. We are so lucky in this day and age, it’s never been easier.


    1. Thank you so much jacintakeeble2017! We are so lucky, so many gorgeous natural products these days. Enjoy your day! Xx


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