Turmeric Latte

Cooler nights have us searching for warming foods and we love this tummy warming spiced Turmeric Milk. It’s a great night cap helping restful sleep and the spices have powerful healing properties, especially the anti-inflammatory ginger and turmeric. Always look for the best quality, organic spices you can find as you will definitely reap the benefits with quality here.

This recipe is to serve 4, but please feel free to divide or multiply it to how ever many you need. This recipe is also AMAZING as an iced drink for Summer too! Instead of heating the ingredients simply add everything to a bottle and leave in the fridge overnight to infuse the flavours, this really is next-level good.

The natural fats in the milk as well as the black pepper help the absorption of the key properties in the turmeric.

This recipe is dairy free, gluten free, suitable for Paleo and GAPS and can be made vegan.


4 cups nut or coconut milk
1 tblsp turmeric powder
1 tblsp cinnamon powder
1 tsp ginger powder
Small pinch black pepper
3 tblsp honey or maple syrup (to taste, coconut milk tastes sweeter and will require less)


Place all ingredients into a saucepan.

Over a low heat gently whisk the ingredients to combine, stirring regularly.

Bring the ingredients to heat until just when you see steam rising from the pan. Do not simmer or boil as it will split the milk and compromise the spices.

Turn off the heat and use a whisk to froth up the milk and serve immediately.


Stay warm and much love,

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