Fresh Almond Milk

Fresh Almond Milk is so easy to make and I think everyone loves almond milk these days! I used to get embarrassed asking for almond milk with my tea in a café, but now it’s not uncommon for me to hear the big, burly tradie in the queue asking for almond milk lattes, so bring it on! Once you see how easy and QUICK it is to make your own, you won’t turn back.This is a two ingredient wonder – and one of those ingredients is water! Honestly it’s so easy.

You can enjoy it on it’s own or mix it up in Summer with beautiful iced drinks like vanilla milks, chai infused spices and sustaining smoothies, or warm your tummy in Winter with soothing herbal lattes and healthy hot chocolates – there are so many options.


1 Lt filtered water*

1 1/2 cups raw almonds.


Soak almonds overnight, or if you are in a hurry just as long as you can manage if you can’t do overnight.

Drain off the liquid and discard it, then rinse the almonds well (this will help reduce the natural phytic acid that occurs.)

Place the almonds and filtered water into a blender, thermomix or nutribullet.

Blend the ingredients on the highest speed until the nuts have broken down & the liquid looks creamy like milk. I use a Thermomix at speed 9 for 1 ½ minutes.

Strain this into a jug or big bowl through a nut milk bag to separate the milk from the pulp. Keep squeezing it till you can get the pulp as dry as it can go. You can use this pulp in baking, to thicken curries or smoothies, freeze it for later use or compost it.

Store the milk in an air-tight glass jar or bottle in the fridge.

This milk is best to use within 3 days but can be frozen in portions for convenience too.

*When looking for a water filter PLEASE do your research – look for an activated carbon filter (so many low and high end filters use activated aluminium!! Nasty!!) and also see how many refills it comes with so your you’re not stung buying expensive replacement filter after filter. You can find my preferred brand of water filter hereit even removes 99.9% fluoride.

I hope you enjoy this recipe, this has been a game changer in our house!

As always sending you love,


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