mg_5761white.jpgThose that know me know that the kitchen is my happy place. In the organized chaos of our crazy, busy lives it is cooking that soothes and brings me joy. 

My love of baking and nutrition has given me so much more than the privilege of nourishing and supporting my childrens health however.

It has taught me who I am. It is how I express my love for friends and family and it has given me moments with my children I could have only dared to dream of.

This love of food and creating has opened up doors to all avenues of health, happiness and lifestyle.

I’m talking honest, accessible food, friendship and connection, luxurious low-tox living, keys to handle life’s ups and downs and tons of inspiration to use everyday.

I am so thrilled to have you join me, thank you! Let’s stay in touch and glow for life together.

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One thought on “About

  1. Hello Nat,
    I have just found your page, and am inspired. Well done.

    As a wellness coach and practitioner, I appreciate, and am also involved in healthy and natural at many different levels.

    Nat I want to give you the heads up on a new online shopping platform with a philosophy of a healthy, natural wellness and abundance community.

    It involves food and products just like yours, that are free of the nasties, gmo free, Truth on labelling, and transparency of production.
    From what I just read of your philosophy and products, it seems like something that you will want to be aligned with.
    Please contact me, and I can explain more.
    0427 981 057


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